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For more information e-mail me: zoomera at thisdomain.

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Explore amazing details using application ZOOMERA Demo. It can be used like a classic magnifying glass. The application uses camera of Your device and allows You to watch details in high definition. Thanks to function 'miniature' You will be able to orientate in the picture while the high zoom value is set, which can be up to 20x in the application. It can be found in the left down corner of the UI where unzoomed picture with red square bounding zoomed area is shown. For watching sharp picture autofocus function is included (if available). Autofocusing can be done in one cycle or continually. Application allows to turn on the LED diode (if available) and then every badly illuminated scene becames observable. If You are not able to see everything You can simply hide UI controls.

Full version of application including photo shooting and JPEG saving will be available soon.

Application is available for every device with camera and system Android version 4.0 and above.

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